Supporting your in-house marketing team
for a fraction of the cost of a full time hire

Perfect for B2B businesses who have an over-stretched, or inexperienced, marketing department.
Giving more clarity on the direction of your marketing, an expert hand to ensure deadlines are met and accountability for your current team. 

Expertise on demand | Scalable support | Time and money saving

In good company.
We work with industry leaders.

Fed up of wasting money on
marketing that isn't working?


Overstretched or inexperienced in-house team?

Does your Marketing team need to expand but you haven’t got the budget or the desire to be tied to a commitment of hiring a new member of your internal team?

Tired of inconsistent activity
and poor results?

Has the performance of your marketing team dropped? Are you experiencing less output and consistency?


Stressed about not having
a clear plan or enough
time to deliver it.

Worried about lack of hours in the team to accomplish all tasks or missing the necessary resources to meet your goals?

If you're thinking there must be a better way.
You'd be right.


Expertise on Demand:

Gain immediate access to high-level marketing experts and specialists, through one dedicated point of contact.


Scalable Support:

Flex your marketing efforts up or down based on project needs, ensuring you have the right level of support at all times.


Fresh Perspectives:

Inject fresh, innovative ideas into your marketing. An outside perspective brings new energy and creativity.

Commitment to the plan:

Internal teams are often overstretched and bogged down with day-to-day distractions. As an external resource - we do things when we say they’ll be done.

No Training Needed

You make a hire, you train them up and after a few months they ‘sort of get it’. We come in and immediately hit the ground running


Objective Insights

We get stuck in! Benefit from unbiased, objective insights that can identify areas for improvement and new opportunities for growth.

Here's why customers
love working with us.

Founded specifically for traditional B2B businesses within the manufacturing, engineering and industrial sectors, we have decades of hands-on experience providing marketing support and consistent delivery. 

Our team understand the unique challenges in your sector and, more importantly, your customers’ needs and demands.

We know how important it is to get your marketing activity right, allowing us to communicate effectively and deliver results faster than anyone else.

Less than a Marketing Exec's Salary.
+ No long-term contracts or HR headaches.
It's this simple.

One simple monthly retainer.

Minimum 3 month contract.

Additional Services

Provided by Belle and James - not included in package.


No! Our initial contract is just three months. This gives a good amount of time for us to get to know each other and how well we work together, and assess the outcome of our time together. Following this, you are welcome to fix in for a longer period or use us on an adhoc basis (min. 1 day) to cover any busy times in your marketing calendar.

The ‘Marketing Exec’ package covers the standard expectations from an employer, but with a whole lot more experience and bang for your buck than an entry level employee!

For other specialist services (think Web Design and Development, Graphic Design, SEO and PPC etc) then these are charged additionally, if needed.  

As you know, an internal hire comes with a lot more responsibility and HR paperwork. The salary offered is not actually the full price of what you pay an internal hire when you add up holidays, sickness, maternity etc…

It also comes with the need to spend your precious time training them up. We have worked within many industries, and have wide team knowledge, that we can hit the ground running – there will be no downtime or responsibility from your side. 

We don’t like to bang on about history, but between the team we have a lot of it! 

Marketing Executives will typically be very generalist in their marketing approach whereas our team have working in-house and agency side and have a raft of specialist skills that we bring to the party!

All of our work is done remotely, but you wouldn’t really notice. We integrate into your team and are widely available on Slack or Google Chat – plus we meet virtually with key personnel for a monthly overview and report meeting. 

Working remotely means we work longer hours for you as there is no commute time, or water cooler chats, to distract us.

Well, I guess you can’t but having run three agencies from a standing start and with a successful, retained client base for all then you’ll just have to trust us! We’re not a team of whippersnappers, we’ve been around the block but because of this we’ll give you feedback of what we know works, rather than simply nod along with your requests. 

Expertise on demand.

We’ll seamlessly integrate into your B2B business if you have an overstretched, or inexperienced, internal team that need help to achieve their marketing goals.

Why work with Belle + James?

Founded by Jess Flemming in 2022, Belle and James was born from a desire to do marketing better.

Jess is still very much hands on in the business and is passionate about providing the best results for her clients and educating them along the way. Now with a bigger team behind her, the agency is focused on supporting busy business owners and internal marketing teams with marketing that packs a punch and most importantly, delivers a return on clients’ investments! 

Growing your business is a challenge. We get it.

– You want to attract new prospects, yet the pace isn’t meeting your expectations
– Marketing confusion leaves you overwhelmed about where to begin
– ‘Winging it’ isn’t an option any more if you’re serious about growing the business
– The in-house team are quite generalist and need hand holding through some of the bigger marketing projects and campaigns

You need a team of focused, expert marketers to help you achieve the success you’ve only dreamt of. It’s a hands-off approach for you – giving you more of your precious time back!

Ready to get started?

We get it, we won’t be right for every business.

The customers we already work with tell us ‘how did we ever manage without you guys?‘ or ‘you have made a serious impact on our sales revenue!’ – and perhaps it will be the same for you

You must understand the importance of a consistent and strategic marketing approach which is suitable for your specific business.  

Interested to get started? Fill in the form and let’s jump on a quick call where we can discuss your challenges and see how we can help.