The Future of AI in Marketing – Written by a Robot

robot - artificial intelligence

You’ve no doubt heard all about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it’s going to take over the world. And potentially put a lot of us marketers out of a job. Maybe.

So, I decided to put the robots to the test; I let an AI tool write an article all about AI. I entered the website in question (, selected ‘Blog Ideas’, gave the blog post a title and then put a few bullet points of what I wanted the article to include. I then chose the tone of voice; unfortunately they didn’t have robotic as an option so I opted for  the slightly more human ‘Friendly’.

Then I hit the ‘Create Content’ button…


After less than three minutes of entering the website I was handed a blog relating to my subject. You can read it below (this is totally untouched or edited):

“In this article, we explore the future of AI in marketing. From its early roots to current uses and how it will evolve, we’ll cover how AI can be a valuable tool for all marketers.

We’re going to look at where AI has come from and how it’s being used by businesses and marketers today. We’ll explore current features, potential uses, and how this technology will provide valuable insights to businesses in the future.

While artificial intelligence is still in its early stages, what we have now might surprise you. We see AI as a resource that can further enhance the online marketing experience for companies and their customers today.

AI is a burgeoning industry that’s been around since the 60s. The methods and technologies have had many incarnations since then. Some of its former uses were rudimentary, but AI has truly come into its own in the 21st century. Today, we live in a world that can easily be separated into “pre-AI” and “post-AI” categories, a time when machines are learning at an unprecedented rate and showing us how they can help us solve even the biggest problems.

In today’s busy world, people have a lot of demands on their time. Projects pile up and it becomes harder than ever to keep up with everything. Sometimes you just need someone to help lighten the load. AI provides such a solution!

A powerful marketing tool, AI is transforming marketing and the jobs associated with it. Learn how marketers can benefit from AI in this presentation.

Marketers can take advantage of AI to help them find creative new ways to connect with their audience.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is infiltrating the way we work and live in profound ways. As an increasingly popular technology that can perform tasks ordinary humans are unable to do, AI has the potential to completely change how we market content and products.

AI and machine learning can help solve problems within the industry.

For example, it has boosted marketing ROI for a number of businesses and has allowed marketers to get more accurate results from retargeting. It’s also important to note that AI is impacting lead generation, as well as how prospects are ranked in CRM lists according to engagement levels” 


My thoughts on the future of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

There are, of course, some benefits of using AI to write your marketing copy. It’s quick, it’s cheap and it’s very easy – not to mention it does the job of a team of people in under the time it takes to pop the kettle on and make yourself a cuppa.

For me personally, AI is still a little too robotic (ironically), it doesn’t capture the tone of voice I want for my brand and it doesn’t have the little ‘isms’ I like to add into my work. On the outset it looks great – pow, there’s 5000 words on a topic of your choice. But unless you’re a complete thrill seeker I wouldn’t advise not proof checking and editing the stilted sentences to make them feel more human.

I have no doubt that my mind will be changed in the years to come, but if like me you’re more of a human to human communicator then get in touch. I can support you with your copy needs…and I promise there won’t be a robot in sight!